Wild Tesla Model 3 Has Cayman GT4 Front End And Carbon Fiber Everywhere

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One Tesla owner has gone above and beyond to transform his Model 3 into a custom-built icon worth appreciating.

One American Tesla Model 3 owner has embarked upon a custom build we never thought we'd see, with a gold and carbon fiber steering yoke and a Porsche 718 Cayman GT4's front end being highlights of one of the sexiest Tesla builds we've seen. That's something we never thought we'd say.

Marrying the different design aspects of two cars doesn't work most of the time, but it's proved surprisingly successful here. The Porsche's front bumper works nicely with the Tesla's shape, lending the electric vehicle some much-needed character thanks to the prominent air vents and distinctive character line.

That's not the only change that's been made here. Instead of just equipping a front bumper and calling it a day, the carbon fiber hood is also taken from the Porsche but is modeled in forged carbon fiber. The owner, who goes by the handle @qtrmle on Instagram, claims it's the only forged carbon fiber GT4-Model 3 mashup in the world. It's affectionately called the MD3RS (Model 3 RS).


Elements of other high-performance German cars can also be found. The side mirror caps appear to have been lifted off a BMW M car, for example. At the rear, you'll find a ducktail trunk-lid spoiler and a prominent diffuser, both finished in forged carbon fiber. Even the taillights are bespoke.

Aftermarket twin-spoke alloy wheels, finished in gold, complete the look and blend nicely with the golden exterior wrap. Previously, the car sported its factory Blue paintwork.

Performance upgrades have also been carried out. The battery-powered sedan reportedly makes around 500 horsepower, which is far more than the Long Range's factory output of 393 hp. The owner also claims the car runs a quarter-mile a second faster than a stock Model 3, with their personal best currently pegged at 11.6 seconds @ 115.8 mph.


These upgrades come courtesy of the ghost stage 2 kit from Ingenext. As a result, this once-humdrum EV can now spring to 60 mph in 3.2 seconds. If you're wondering if this has affected longevity, the owner says he has reached 100,000 miles with no problems.

Inside, the steering wheel has been replaced with the polarizing yoke, but this is no run-of-the-mill item and is finished with forged carbon fiber and gold flakes. He even has a (dummy) manual shifter in one of the cupholders.

Like any good project car, the MD3RS is not yet completed, and it seems that another color change is on the horizon.

This unique build gives us an idea of what tuner culture will be like in the electric future. Modded Teslas aren't anything new, but most off-the-shelf kits all work within the confines of the car's standard bodywork and don't reach the fabrication extremes this build has.


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