Will 10,000 Chevy Volts be sold in the US by Year End?


Chevy seems optimistic they can sprint to the finish and reach their Volt sales target.

Having checked the sales figures for September, although the numbers look pretty good with deliveries up 20 percent on the same period last year, it is clear that GM has a fight on its hands to meet their target of shifting 10,000 units of the Volt by the end of 2012. The task seems a daunting one, especially when you see that just over 3,000 Volts were sold in the first eight months. However GM spokesperson Rob Peterson feels quietly confident: "I don't see any problems with reaching our goal."

To move the required number of additional cars to meet the target requires an average of 2,035 units per month until the end of December, and if only 723 deliveries were made in September, why on earth do they think things are going to change so dramatically? Well, GM is readying itself to sell the Volt across all 50 states at 2,600 of their dealerships instead of just the seven test markets it's been using thus far. Furthermore, people seemingly cannot wait for this plug-in to be available in their states and even had them shipped across oceans and continents, evidence that demand is strong.

The Detroit factory, where every unit will be built including all variants such as the European Opel Ampera, was closed for four weeks in order to make essential upgrades to enable a faster turnaround of vehicles. It is now capable of producing 2,400 cars a month, which should be more than sufficient to meet the 10,000 target, especially as so far every car they have built has been sold. Demand is sure to be closely monitored in the coming months, and if the $7,500 federal tax credit doesn't do the job, other incentives will doubtless be put in place to ensure potential buyers at least step foot into a Chevy dealership.

And if they still aren't interested, there's a good chance their heads will be turned by the US's best-selling compact car: the Chevrolet Cruze, boasting excellent fuel economy and a price tag that's half that of the Volt's. So regardless of whether the fabled 10,000 goal is reached or not, the Volt may end up boosting sales of its cuter cousin.


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