Will 2016 Be The Year Of The Jaguar?

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Company plans big US comeback with four new models.

Following several years of treading water and trying tokeep up with fierce competition from Japanese and European luxury automakers, Jaguaris now preparing to take America by storm. In the coming months, the Indian-owned British automaker plans to roll out four brand-new or facelifted models in the USmarket, with the intention of reinforcing its standing as a leading luxury brand,Automotive News reports. The first arrival will be the XF midsize sedan, whichrecently made a noisy debut at the New York Auto Show.

Next in line, a refreshed XJ will be presented near theend of 2015, as the company hopes a fresh face will keep it relevant in itscompetitive category. But early 2016 holds much more important news for thecompany, with the advent of two new models: the company's first shot at an SUV –the F-Pace – as well as a compact coupe based on the XE sedan. Despite US salesplummeting to below 16,000 units in 2014, Jaguar officials seem confident intheir ability to make a comeback: "It is about seduction, performance anddesign, with better looks, better value and better drive," said JoeEberhardt, CEO of Jaguar and Land Rover North America.

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"There is almost a ubiquity about theGerman sedan," he said. "There is an awful lot of German metal on theroad, and buyers don't want Lexus necessarily." The question is: do theywant a Jaguar?