Will $777,777 Be Enough To Snare This Rare Porsche 959?

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The Bring a Trailer auction site is a great place for picking up rare collectibles like this 959K.

We often see rare and collectible stuff over at Bring a Trailer, and this week's most impressive find is a rare, sought-after and absolutely mint condition 1988 Porsche 959 Komfort, number 212 out of 292 built. These cars hardly ever come out to play and so seeing one up close is most uncommon. That's also evident with this model as it's covered less than 24,000 miles since it's birth 28 years ago. The 959 has a full recorded history that can be traced to the original dealership.

This 959 was ordered by Porsche Distributors of Monte Carlo where it landed in January 1988. In March of that year it went to Japanese Porsche dealer InterAuto. First registration was in April 1988 with the Melrose Private Museum Corporation in Tokyo. From there it had three more corporate owners before ending up in California. Looking at the pics, it seems an ex-corporate owned car is the way to go, it's super clean and it's had all the relevant Porsche mandated services and updates with paperwork confirming the authenticity of it all. This is one Porsche 959 worth bidding on, for both collectors and investors alike.

The car was technologically advanced and paved the way for future Porsche AWD cars. It really was Porsche's first supercar. The Porsche 959 Komfort is powered by a 2.85-liter twin-turbocharged flat six-cylinder engine rated at a healthy 444 hp, and with that way before it's time four-wheel drive system it gave the 959 insane performance, especially for 1988. The 959K can do the 0-60 mph dash in just 3.5 seconds and it run on to a top speed of 195 mph. This netted the car the title of the World's Fastest Production car when it was released. This is the Group B homologation icon you need to own. At the time of writing, bids stand at $777,777 with 5 days left to bid. Impressive!

Source Credits: bringatrailer.com

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