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Will A Slicked-Back Grille And Side Vents Make You Fall For The 2018 Jeep Wrangler?

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Although subtle, these changes give the Wrangler a more sophisticated look than the current box on the market.

Automotive styling has a way of swinging back and forth as if the entire art were a saloon door. The first vehicles were box-shaped, but that quickly gave way to curvaceous lines during the streamline era of the 1930s. Cars kept alternating from there, either going boxy once it became the bolder choice and going back to curves when the love of rectangular prisms wore off, and it was that slight hint of curvature that made itself apparent when leaked images of the 2018 Jeep Wrangler hit Jeep Wrangler Forums.

The current generation of Wrangler is a hot seller for Jeep because it most closely follows the design cues of the iconic Willys Jeep from World War II. As a relic of America's glory days, it remains square in its design like its European counterparts, the Land Rover Defender and Mercedes G-Class, but images recently leaked by a member of Jeep Wrangler Forums seems to detail a slight change for the upcoming 2018 model. Now that the grainy black and white images are out and unable to be redacted (it's the Internet after all), JWF has come back with its own renderings of what the 2018 Wrangler could look like, albeit with the grain and black and white tone missing.

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The clearer view of the 2018 Wrangler reveals the subtle differences that will be carried over, which include the curved portion of the upper grille that gives way to a more flat hood line. Doors shrink downward a bit to make room for additional window space, ideal for a good view of the terrain when rock crawling or on a safari, and fog lamps embedded in the front bumper give an unimpeded view of the grille. Turn signals also migrate from below the headlights to the fenders for a cleaner look up front. At the rear, we see Jeep's gas can tail lamps reminiscent of what we see on the current Renegade. As with the current Jeep, the doors and roof will be removable for greater enjoyment of the surroundings.

A roll cage will remain intact because the sport of rock crawling has a habit of knocking even the most well-equipped SUVs off balance. The more noticeable changes, like the side vents behind the wheels on the front fenders and slicked-back grille, will help usher in some new customers but the subtler modifications should also help this Wrangler continue being a sales boon for FCA.