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Will A Tracked Bentayga Finally Convince The Rich To Off-Road Bentleys?

Rendering / 13 Comments

This is only ridiculous if you lack the funds, paranoia of the apocalypse, or imagination.

Lamborghini may be a sole exception here, but typically when an upscale automaker commits to building a luxury SUV for the 1%, it seems as if it mentions off-road ability as a joke. Everybody knows an SUV must retain some sort of capacity to go where typical sedans can't and shouldn't be afraid of dirtying their grilles, but instead of adding rugged exterior hardware, the car's body remains as fragile and flawless as jewelry. It's almost like a game of chicken.

The chrome dangles daringly, making it so only the most wealthy of upscale SUV owners take their cars to Moab, and therefore only those drivers find out just how good their vehicles actually are in situations where the road conditions are less than optimal. Rendering artist Rain Prisk likes to use their talents exploiting software as an art medium to imagine a world where a Bentley Bentayga is actually used to its full capacity. The result is this evil Bentayga, straight from the set of a movie depicting a post-apocalyptic world where the 1% used their resources to plan for life after an extinction-level event. This Bentley is certainly equipped for such a world using tank tracks to roll over anything in its path, road, earth, flesh, or otherwise.

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A blacked-out color scheme that includes the lights, saving black paint that would otherwise go on the rims for other crucial apocalypse-related applications. Chrome is still abundant on this Bentayga because nobody ever said you can't murder zombies or stave off a severe shortage of resources in style. If viewing this Bentley head on in such a way that the tank tracks are indistinguishable from rubber tires, at least the "666" license plate gives onlookers a warning of what's coming if the luggage rack and LED light bar didn't do the trick. If anyone with large sums in the bank is reading this and doesn't share our paranoia, fret not because this Bentayga also doubles as a perfect way to one-up your buddies and their AMG 6x6s or F-150 Raptors.