Will America Deport the DB9 and Vantage Back to England?

Aston Martin's models do not meet new safety regulations.

Buyersof supercars and exotic sports cars may be more interested in a car's outputnumbers than its crash-test performance figures, but luckily for them, government agenciesare usually there to have their backs and make sure they don't sacrifice themselveson the altar of performance. But for British automaker Aston Martin, America'snew side-impact laws may become a very unlucky end for its DB9 and V8/V12Vantage models' sales on our shores.

As of September, all cars sold in the States will be required to complywith more stringent regulations, deeming these models unsellable in our market. Now, Aston Martin has petitioned the NHTSA for a special exemption, stating thatlosing these models could put 40 percent of its dealers at serious financialrisk. The company did not, however, comment on the risk to its buyers, butwe're pretty sure that brand aficionados will be willing to hedge their bets inthis case.

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