Will America Get the S3 Manual and RS3?

Company hints this could happen.

With the successful debut of the A3 Sedan in the US market, Audi has been drawing buyers into its showrooms and making a big impact on local shoppers. But with hotter versions available in Europe, the company would be wise to consider importing some performance models to really catch the heart of enthusiasts. Speaking to the Fortitude forum, Audi of America's Scott Keough has raised these expectations even higher by saying the company is interested in a six-speed manual version of the S3.

Furthermore, and even more exciting, Kough is "looking very closely" at the option of bringing us the ultra-hot RS3 sedan, a nearly direct rival to BMW's upcoming M2 coupe. If it looks anything like this A3 Clubsport Quattro Concept, we're all in.

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