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Will Apple's BMWs Get This Awesome Playground To Test On?

Looks like they've found the perfect autonomous car testing ground.

Aswe know, Apple has quietly been working on developing its ownautonomous car. It has hired former auto industry executives and negotiatedwith BMW to use the i3's carbon-fiber body as the basis for its own electric,self-driving car. But this project, which seemed to be in early initialresearch stages just a few months ago, may in fact be far more advanced than thecompany has let on. According to The Guardian, it seems that Appleis already searching for a location to test its autonomous cars in, and it mayhave just found the perfect place.

According to the report, Apple's Special Project group has been negotiatingwith a private facility located on a former naval base outside of SF. And as testing grounds go, this might just be theperfect one. The Concord Naval Weapons Station (CNWS) Test facility inContra Costa features 20 miles of paved city streets and highways, all tuckedaway in a private location where Apple could continue to keep its project veryhush hush. GoMentum Station, which operates the private facility, states on itswebsite that several car manufacturers will be using this facility to testtheir AV technology on site. Will there soon be an army of Apple BMW i3s roaming these abandoned roads?

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