Will Automakers Kill Supercars With Autonomous Technology?

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At least McLaren won't.

In the automotive industry, if you're not at the front you're in dead last. In an attempt to stay at the head of the pack, McLaren is hard at work thinking of ways to implement self-driving technology into its supercars. In a recent interview with Blackbird Automotive, McLaren Automotive Design Director Frank Stephenson revealed the future of the automobile. "One of the most intriguing thoughts that designers have is 'what are we going to be doing in the future,'" stated Stephenson.

As the brilliant mind behind the incredible McLaren P1, Stephenson has some really thought-provoking points, making us question what kind of cars will come in the future.

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Stephenson believes that hydrogen and nuclear power are the two types of fuel that will reign supreme after fossil fuels have expired. "If we want to be a little bit risky and think outside the box, we could be thinking about nuclear-powered cars…and we might be thinking obviously that it could be a little dangerous, but we do have submarines running with that kind of technology," said Stephenson. In addition to that radical thought, Stephenson believes that self-driving technology will make its way to McLaren supercars, but not in a way that we originally envisioned. "Perhaps if you're in a sports car like a McLaren, you could potentially go to a track and let the car drive you. Maybe you have three different selections of speed, a slow, medium and very fast."

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A supercar with self-driving technology that would teach the driver the best line around a track would be extremely beneficial and enjoyable to use. There's no word on when McLaren would actually introduce this type of technology into its vehicles, but our guess would be in the near future if McLaren is interested in staying ahead of the pack.

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