Will BMW Fight Google Over The Alphabet Trademark?

The company that numbers its models is keeping its letters to itself.

FollowingGoogle's announcement that it would be restructuring its operationsand moving some activities to a new parent entity, Alphabet, itlooks like someone at Google forgot to run a simple domain and trademarksearch. As it turns out, the domain, as well as the trademark forthe name, are already owned by a company called BMW. What's more, the NewYork Times reports, BMW has no interest in selling either. And whilethey operate in different areas of business, there could be a smallproblem when it comes to self-driving cars.

Different companies could operate under the same name as long asthere is no confusion for customers, but Google's Alphabet will be operating theself-driving car operation. Meanwhile, BMW's Alphabet is asubsidiary that offers services to corporation car fleets. A BMW spokeswoman toldthe NYT that BMW had not been informed of Google's plans, nor hadthey been contacted with an offer to sell the domain. Meanwhile, Google hasbeen using the domain But as two companies operating in the 'autoindustry,' rather than playing chicken in court and seeing who has the moreexpensive lawyer, wouldn't it be easier to hash it out with a good ol' dragrace?

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