Will Diesel Be Close To Death Within A Decade?


Renault certainly thinks so.

It's pretty safe to say that, in recent times, diesel power has been through quite a tough time. The Volkswagen emissions scandal is obviously the largest contributor to this trend, but the negative health impact of diesel emissions has been documented for many years now. As a result, it's probably not surprising to hear that many are confident that diesel will be killed off during our lifetimes, with Reuters claiming that Renault feels the demise of diesel will come far sooner than we may have first thought.

According to Reuters' Renault sources, the French carmaker is predicting diesel engines will no longer be offered in its B-segment cars (in layman's terms, anything of a comparable size to a Ford Fiesta) like the Renault Clio, with the possibility of even C-segment models (if we're carrying on with the Ford comparisons, models like the Focus) such as the Megane hatchback. Furthermore, the Renault insiders are anticipating some manufacturers might even consider dropping diesel power altogether by 2025 - which, considering it's Renault sources that are saying this kind of stuff, does suggest such a future may be in store for the French auto manufacturer.

Lots of reasons were cited as to why such a series of events may be in the pipelines for Renault. The accelerated tightening of emissions legislation in response to the VW crisis is arguably the biggest catalyst for this hypothesized future, but the increasingly diminishing returns on diesel engine technology is already making it harder for carmakers to justify such an expenditure (not to mention PHEVs like the Kia Optima diesel hybrid that's reportedly on the chopping block). Factor in the accelerating pace of electric powertrain development and the predicted reduction in costs that'll come with it, and it's perhaps understandable why Renault is anticipating an imminent demise for diesel power.


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