Will GMC Bring Hummer Back to Life?

Rumor has it GM wants a new, large, off-road SUV with a GMC badge.

Four years after the death of the Hummer brand, and despite thecurrent emission-oriented environment which frowns upon anything that likes the taste of gas, it seems General Motors is interested inbringing the spirit of Hummer back to life – without actually raising the namefrom the dead. According to The Car Guide and an unnamed GM source, the companyis looking into building a new SUV which would be “purpose built to tackle therough stuff."

Currently, there is no confirmation from GM, nor a date onwhen this SUV would be built. However, this rumor conveniently coincides with GM’s Januarypromise that GMC would soon get its own stand-alone model rather than justbuilding rebadged Chevys. Whatever the product, we expect it would be moreefficient and better performing than the notorious, defunct Hummer family, thelast of which was built in May 2010.

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