Will Honda Ever Unleash a New Civic Type R?

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What's taking Honda so long to get the new Civic Type R to market? Perfection takes time.

It's been just over a year since Honda confirmed a new Civic Type R had been approved for production. Since that announcement, we've heard next to nothing about the car in regards to well, anything. Volkswagen has launched a new GTI and Ford's Focus ST has been a resounding success. So what the hell is Honda waiting for? We're not entirely sure, but a new report is claiming we won't see the production version until at least 2014 or even 2015.

PistonHeads has confirmed the new Type R will be powered by either a turbocharged 1.6- or 2.0-liter engine that will replace the previous car's VTEC four-pot. A couple of senior Honda officials also stated the new car is gunning after the front-wheel-drive Nurburgring track record. That means this upcoming hot hatch could be good for around 300 horsepower. Honda also hasn't been shy about the development of a new dual-clutch gearbox, which could find its way in the new Type R, but everything remains pure speculation for now. And no, there doesn't appear to be any plans to bring this latest Type R stateside.

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