Will.i.am Gets Pranked In One-Off Custom Supercar

Where is the love?

A couple of guys in California thought that it would be a hilarious idea to prank unsuspecting drivers with sticky notes on their cars informing them that someone had hit their vehicle. There’s actually nothing too extraordinary about this joke. However, what is pretty cool is that these guys had the opportunity to pull their prank on world famous musician and known car fanatic, will.i.am. The Black Eyed Pea appears in the video at around the 40 second mark when he rolls into a gas station in a one-off custom carbon supercar that looks like a spaceship.

Will's confused reaction to the sticky note on his car is pretty hilarious, but in the end he doesn’t seem too phased. The pranksters also got a taste of their own medicine when one of their victims had a bad reaction to the joke. Check it out.

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