Will.I.Am's Customized DeLorean Impounded

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You're looking at the most hideous customzied DeLorean. Ever.

Rapper Will.I.Am has committed two offenses, but only one is getting him into trouble with the law. I'll explain: The Black Eyed Peas member and solo artist actually wanted to start his own car company. Back in January, the entertainer appeared on 'The Tonight Show with Jay Leno' and talked about his "vision" for a new car company called IMAUTO. And the car he wanted to base his debut model off of? A DeLorean. The story gets better.

He made the claim that the car was a custom design that used various Chrysler components and would be completely street legal. Back in January, Jalopnik investigated this a bit further and quickly discovered that Will.I.Am's supposed Chrysler-based creation was a customized DeLorean done by the guys at West Coast Customs. It uses a GM LS3 V8 which is a great engine, but it's certainly not from Chrysler. So what we have here is just one really ugly customized DeLorean with a GM V8. The Chrysler connection? It supposedly uses some other pieces from a donor Challenger.

The car was completed some time ago and now it's been impounded by the Los Angeles police. It appears that Will.I.Am was just so excited to drive his "concept car" around town that he failed to remember to have the car registered. In other words, he drove it without license or VIN plates and registration. A friend had to pick him up when he was left without his prized ride, and he won't be able to get it back until the necessary paperwork can be sorted out. So what's his second offense? Pissing off DeLorean fans with this gull-winged atrocity.

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