Will James Bond's Next Car Be A McLaren?

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It may not be his style, but it might trump Aston Martin.

Nobody really knows what McLaren is up to nowadays. What started as a simple offering of a Ferrari 458 competitor in the form of the MP4-12C has morphed into a blitzkrieg of the performance car range in a way that is reminiscent of Porsche's dominance. The lowest tier of McLaren, the 570S, is actually a direct Porsche competitor. Now, the 570GT may gun for Aston Martin and other grand touring greats. Of course, the supercar maker from Woking, England isn't going to stop there. That's why it announced the 570GT back at the 2016 Geneva Auto Show.

Even at the star-studded show, the 570GT was a car that stirred the pot and got plenty of excitement. Given how good McLaren's recent offerings are, the 570GT is sure to make a splash when it hits shelves. And we finally know when this will happen. It looks like the London Motor Show, which will start in a few days on May 5th, will be the official debut for the car. With a base price of "only" £154,000 in the UK ($225,000 at current exchange rates), this car will slot just above the 570C as a grand touring version of the 570 lineup. Don't expect this to be a boring and comfortable cruiser though, because handling and powertrain settings can be adjusted between Normal, Sport, and Track modes.

The MP4-12C's suspension was known for being Rolls-Royce smooth while keeping up with supercars, so we can expect some healthy lap times to come from this comfortable version of this McLaren. Aiding in the car's cross-country abilities is a rear glass hatch to make stowing luggage easier. In total, the two-door car has 13 cubic feet of storage space, which is on par with the BMW 3 series. Meanwhile, a panoramic glass ceiling will let driver and passenger enjoy the view. Supplying some quickened pulses is a 3.8-liter twin-turbo V8 making 562 horsepower that will be sent to the stern of the car after making it past a 7-speed transmission. Expect deliveries to start around July of 2016.

Source Credits: www.automotiveworld.com

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