Will Kia Really Be Able To Pull Off A Proper Sports Car?!

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The Korean automaker apparently thinks it can.

Kia simply is not known for producing sports cars or even high-end cars for that matter. It had a bit of success entering the high-end sedan market with the K900, but it never could truly compete with the Audi A6 and BMW 5-Series. Now Kia just announced it's trying something even more ballsy: actually producing a sports car. There are not many details about it, however Kia promises it will be launched by 2020. Considering how long it takes to develop a car from the ground up, the automaker is likely already working on it as we speak.

Rumored to be based on the GT and GT4 Stinger concepts, the car will have performance and handling as a priority but also will be affordable. If it follows the GT4 Stinger's formula it will be a rear-wheel-drive coupe with dashing futuristic looks. Surprisingly, a manual transmission is not ruled out, even though nearly all cars will be automatic by then (it's true, sorry purists). The GT4 Stinger concept packed a 315-horsepower turbo engine, and if a similar setup is employed on a production model it's sure to be a success. But can Kia really compete with the big boys like the Porsche Cayman and Audi TT RS? It is doubtful but possible. We'll just need to wait five short years to find out.

Source Credits: www.autocar.co.uk

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