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Will Leno Bring a New Car Show to Primetime TV?

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Reports indicate that a deal with CNBC is near.

While all car enthusiasts are familiar with "Jay Leno's Garage" web series and its consistently awesome content, few viewers of conventional TV stations have had the opportunity to see Leno since he left "The Tonight Show" last February. But now, according to reports, it seems like Leno is about to sign a deal for a new CNBC series – focused on his longtime automotive passion and expertise. According to the same reports, no premiere date has been set yet, and the network hasn't announced if this will become a regular show.

However, it seems that the CNBC show, once the details are signed and settled, would follow a similar format to that of Jay's Garage, making it an awesome way of exposing the uninitiated masses to Jay's prized collection and love of cars. So could this mean the end to the long-running web series? Nothing's official yet so we'll just have to wait and see.

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