Will Mercedes Make A Baby G-Wagen?

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Stranger things have happened.

In terms of size and diversity, the Mercedes range has exploded in comparison with what it used to be. In 1996, there was only a handful of Mercedes vehicles to choose from (C-Class, E-Class, S-Class and SL), and today we have a company that sells no less than 15 separate families of car. Auto Express is now reporting the possibility of yet another vehicle joining the perennially expanding Mercedes-Benz line-up in the shape of a new 'GLB.'

If you're well versed with Mercedes' naming structure, you'll have quickly deduced that this new vehicle will be an SUV that sits in between the GLA and GLC models. Before you write it off as just another crossover that'll generate ridiculous amounts of sales for Mercedes, it's worth pointing out that Benz's alleged plans for this new model are actually quite interesting. Mainly because this GLB will be using a very particular vehicle as the source for inspiration: the oh-so-cool G-Class; also referred to unofficially as the 'G-Wagen.' Better still, the GLB should be a far more affordable proposition than the G-Wagen.

If Mercedes does indeed position this new car between the $33,000 GLA and $40,000 GLC, it's incredibly likely that the GLB will be three times cheaper than the $120,000 G-Wagen. Factor in Auto Express' speculative suggestion that the GLB's styling could be inspired by the chunky Ener-G Force concept car, and this potential crossover could be an SUV you can get on board with for reasons than just "it'll keep the company that makes it in business". It's unknown when we'll see this new SUV but, as a new G-Wagen is on the way, we imagine the wait for the GLB won't be much longer now.

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