2015 Frankfurt Motor Show

Will Miata Drivers Ditch Their Roadsters For Mazda's Sporty SUV Concept?

It's damn good looking!

Unfortunately, SUVsare going to rule the streets soon and there’s nothing anybody can do. Butif future SUVs look anything like Mazda’s new Koeru concept, we wouldn’t have aproblem with that. Mazda is planning to unveil this concept at theFrankfurt Motor Show in September. Koeru means to “exceed” or “go beyond.” Mazda hasn’t released any productionplans, but stated that it is “looking to surpass existing standards and raisethe bar for performance, efficiency and overall value.”

From the teaser sketches we can see that the concept has a sleek look that channels Mazda’s recently intoxicatingdesigns. Judging from the Koeru’s roofline we can see that it will be roughly thesame size as the Mazda CX-3. We wouldn’t be surprised if it was called the CX-4and slotted behind the CX-5. We usually don’t agree with automakers self-descriptions of cars, but we feel this one is fitting. According to Mazda, the concept “expressesthe power and vitality of a predator along with a unique level of refineddignity.” The automaker usually turns its concepts into road-going vehicles without making too many changes. If that stays true here then we'd be really excited to see this new SUV hit the road.

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