Will Mountain Dew Save These Idiot Racers From a Nitrous Fire?

Because fire extinguisher are just for yuppies.

Therecertainly isn't anything wrong with getting together with a bunch of friendsfor a night of burnouts and street racing in your nitrous-injected Chevy Blazerand Ford Mustang; what's a Friday night without the risk of serious burns or alittle brush with death, right? But when this adventure, which apparently tookplace in Mexico, ultimately ends in a raging fire, these guys react in a cool,collected manner. After spewing a sequence of curses, one of them comes up withthe solution to their nitrous conundrum: "Where's the Mountain Dew?"

For lack of that magic potion or, say, a fire extinguisher, things justkeep going from bad to worse until the nitrous sprayer finally catches. Checkout the video for the full display of genius:

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