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Will Next Chevy Silverado High Desert Be A Proper Avalanche Successor?

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And not just in appearance.

If you recall, the previous generation Chevrolet Silverado offered the High Desert package, which was optional on the LTZ and High Country trim levels. According to a trademark application recently filed by GM and just uncovered by GM Authority, it appears the automaker wants to actually trademark the High Desert name instead of regulating it to only an option package.

As GM Authority notes, back in 2014 GM made its first attempt at securing the High Desert name but, for whatever reason(s), that request was denied. Instead of churning out an actual trim level, the High Desert nameplate instead became an option package for those two aforementioned trim levels. This time, however, GM seems intent on securing the name for a real trim package.

Why is this interesting? Because the previous Silverado High Country/LTZ trims with the High Desert package resulted in a truck that resembled the old Chevy Avalanche, built from 2001 until 2013. It featured things like a hard tonneau cover, sport bar with sail panel, and lighted side box storage. While it looked the part of its Avalanche predecessor, the High Desert package lacked a lot of the potential goodies it could have had if it were a trim.

If it were to become an actual trim as GM seems to want in the trademark filing application, there's huge potential for this to become something interesting. The Avalanche was very popular during its because it did a great job of blending full-size pickup truck and SUV into one.

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Thanks to cleverly designed storage compartments and the ability to fold the rear seats flat to make a larger bed, the Avalanche found plenty of buyers. It was even Motor Trend's 2002 SUV of the year. Even if the Avalanche nameplate will be replaced by High Desert (assuming the application is approved), don't expect anything to debut until late 2019 as a 2020 model, at the very earliest. But considering America's fondness for trucks and SUVs is greater than ever, it'd be a no-brainer for Chevy to bring back the Avalanche, even if it is called the Silverado High Desert.