Will Next Wrangler Not Be a True Jeep?

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Early rumors are indicating it may lose its solid rear axle.

We've become accustomed to seeing some significant changes being made to new versions of beloved cars. One good example is the next-generation Ford Mustang, which will go from a solid rear axle to an independent rear suspension. That's damn near sacrilegious for many die-hard fans, but it turns out another much-loved classic may undergo a similar evolution. A new report is claiming the next Jeep Wrangler, due in 2016, may ditch the solid rear axle in order to cut weight and improve fuel economy.


Remember, the last time the Wrangler underwent a redesign was in 2006 and emissions standards have changed dramatically since. However, Jeep dealers simply can't keep the Wrangler in stock. It's that popular. So why would Jeep mess with a good thing? Gas is expensive and global governments don't like too much C02. Still, it's possible the 2016 Wrangler will receive its suspension setup from the Grand Cherokee, a move that would likely satisfy both loyalists and governments.

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