Will Nissan Ever Replace The 12-Year-Old Frontier Pickup?

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Seriously, what's taking so long?

It's been nearly a dozen years since the current Nissan Frontier hit the US market. No joke. In 2014, however, other global markets received an all-new mid-size pickup truck known as the Navara. The US was deemed unworthy to have it, just like the new Ford Ranger. It's a shame, really. But now word on the street, according to The Truth About Cars, is that Nissan, finally, is cooking up a solution to its Frontier problem thanks to the newfound demand for mid-size pickups.


We owe the Chevrolet Colorado/GMC Canyon our gratitude. Anyway, TTAC is saying that one thing's for certain about any Frontier successor: It won't switch to a unibody platform. Wait? A unibody pickup truck? Does that even exist? Yes, it's called the Honda Ridgeline. A senior Nissan brand communications manager recently told TTAC that "a unibody Frontier is not happening." Nissan is still being mum on details, big surprise there, but it'd make complete sense to take advantage of the Navara's excellent global platform for a new US-spec Frontier. For its part Ford is planning to revive the Ranger in the US for 2019. Hopefully Nissan will something new to offer by that time as well.


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