Will Nissan's 'Rogue One' Ad Campaign Be As Cheesy As We Think?

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Nissan sells the Rogue. The movie is called "Rogue One." Get it?! Get it?!

Saying there's serious hype behind the upcoming Star Wars film "Rogue One" is about as big as understatements get in this day and age. When the entire Internet seemed to freak out upon seeing a certain character turning up for an oh-so-brief moment in the closing seconds of the latest trailer, you know you've got a huge phenomenon on your hands. Unsurprisingly, then, a lot of brands would love to be a part of the movie's marketing campaign. Nissan USA's PR team must be thrilled to be one of Lucasfilm's new promotional partners for Rogue One.


The early details we have on the campaign are intriguing. According to Lucasfilm, Nissan and the other four other companies that were brought on board (Duracell, Gillette, General Mills and Verizon, if you want to know) will "complement the tempo and tone" of Rogue One's marketing push by creating "custom-designed campaigns and innovative programs." You also don't need a communications degree to make the educated assumption that Nissan will extensively use the Rogue SUV in its Star Wars-themed promotional initiatives. As we said, intriguing at the moment, though we hope Nissan USA's marketing team doesn't choose the quick and easy path when it's creating these tie-in campaigns.

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