Will Opel's Adam Become a Baby Buick?

GM quite likes the idea.

Remember the century when Buicks were large, imposing,RWD boats, worthy of names like Roadmaster and ParkAvenue? Well, Buick’s current offering of medium-sized sedans andfamily-oriented crossovers may soon be joined by a tiny, micro-sized version ofthe three-cylinder Opel Adam. Asked by Automobile Magazine in a recentinterview, General Motors’ head of product development, Mark Reuss, said that aBuick version of the Opel didn’t seem like such a bad idea.

The exec also said that badging the Adam as a Chevy wouldn'twork, as it would internally-cannibalize Sonicsales. Opel’s Adam is headed for the Geneva Motor Show with an updateddesign and new gearbox. The new model will be offered with 90 or 115horsepower - basically enough to move the power-steering in the Buicks of old. GMhas already stated its interest in Buicking-up another Opel model, the Cascadaconvertible, making it a high-grade halo car for the Buick brand.

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