Will Opel's Adam Become a Baby Buick?

GM quite likes the idea.

Remember the century when Buicks were large, imposing, RWD boats, worthy of names like Roadmaster and Park Avenue? Well, Buick’s current offering of medium-sized sedans and family-oriented crossovers may soon be joined by a tiny, micro-sized version of the three-cylinder Opel Adam. Asked by Automobile Magazine in a recent interview, General Motors’ head of product development, Mark Reuss, said that a Buick version of the Opel didn’t seem like such a bad idea.

The exec also said that badging the Adam as a Chevy wouldn't work, as it would internally-cannibalize Sonic sales. Opel’s Adam is headed for the Geneva Motor Show with an updated design and new gearbox. The new model will be offered with 90 or 115 horsepower - basically enough to move the power-steering in the Buicks of old. GM has already stated its interest in Buicking-up another Opel model, the Cascada convertible, making it a high-grade halo car for the Buick brand.

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