Will Pagani Engineer A Hybrid In The Near Future?

It doesn't look like it.

Pagani has risen to become one of the craziest supercarautomakers in the world, but vehicles always need to improve and other supercarbrands are looking towards hybrids for the future. But Pagani isn’t like anyother automaker out there. So will the brand create a supercar hybrid in thenear future? According to an interview with Top Gear, Pagani founder HoracioPagani isn’t interested in hybrids at the moment, but believes that supercars using battery power may come to life later on.

When asked whether hybrids were good or bad, Pagani stated: "Idon’t like hybrid cars at the moment, the technology is not ready. A sports carmust have, by definition the lightness as one of the features, the batteriesand the electric engines are too heavy at the moment to justify the use." Unlikeother automakers, Pagani doesn’t make a lot of vehicles a year, so a model thatdoesn’t have the same supercar feel could potentially ruin the brand. "So atthe moment I don’t see and hybrid application in our cars, but this is just mydecision, let’s see how the technology will be in the next few years."

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