Three Wheeled Cars

Will Reliant Robins Make A Comeback On The Top Gear Trio's New Amazon Show?

Sort of.

The Internet was momentarily broken when Jeremy Clarkson tweeted a photo of himself, Richard Hammond and James May alongside a trio of Reliant Robins. Clarkson famously recorded a segment starring the three-wheeled car for "Top Gear." Of course the trio is no longer with the BBC program. They’re with Amazon, doing likely the exact same thing they did before, which is really good. The Robins made everyone think the new Amazon show would feature three-wheeled craziness.

Unfortunately that’s not the case. Clarkson quickly provided context to the photo, calling the Robins company cars. That’s a bit of a bummer but with a ton of three-wheeled cars about some Reliant Robin wackiness is bound to make the show. For now you can enjoy this photo and dream about how awesome it’d be to have a company car that sits on three wheels.

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