Will Tesla Be Annoyed This Guy Uses Autopilot To Play 'Pokemon Go'?

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Or will Elon Musk just cry "beta testing" and call it a day?

Tesla has come under fire recently for its Autopilot technology, with Consumer Reports saying the tech needs to be retooled to be safer. But Elon Musk isn't about to let the media or anyone else push him around. However, videos like this one further reinforce the fact that in its current state, Autopilot is ripe for abuse. Gary Zhou is the owner of a Model X, Google Glass and smartphone. He recently recorded a video of himself playing "Pokemon Go" using his Google Glass while his Model X was in Autopilot.

Traffic was moving slowly but it wasn't exactly clipping along at a crawl. At no time in this video does Zhou reach for the wheel either. In fact, he brags about the fact that the system is so good as to require no human input at low speeds.

We don't mean to be wet blankets but videos like this show that the world isn't quite ready for Autopilot, at least not in its current state. We have driven a Model S with the technology and found it to be very good but not capable of taking over all driving entirely. Human input is still required for maximum safety, yet people are still doing stupid behind the wheel when Autopilot is activated. Safety concerns aside, does anyone else think a guy wearing Google Glass while driving a Tesla Model X and playing "Pokemon Go" is ridiculous? If this isn't a prime example of a tech overload we don't know what is.

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