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Will the 2015 Focus Come with an RS Version?

We haven’t seen the ST yet, but we’re already getting greedy for a 320hp RS.

The 2015 Ford Focus facelift was just revealed recently,but already enthusiasts around the world have been clamming to see the updatedhigh-performance Focus ST version. According to various sources, thathot hatch may soon be dwarfed by the reveal of an even hotter Focus RS. Thecurrent generation never got a beastly version from the RS Team, but Top Gearsays that people ‘intimately connected’ with the department say a 320horsepower RS is possible.

Unlike the previous generation RS, this model won't get thefive-cylinder 2.5-liter engine from Volvo, but rather a 2.3-liter, turbochargeddirect-injected 4-cylinder engine - the same engine that'll be optional in the new Mustang. While all this is still expected to come infront-wheel drive, with improved brakes, fat tires and electronictorque-steering compensation, this could be the hottest Focus in Ford history. Call us greedy, but suddenly the ST seems kind of wimpy. But please, Ford, just bring it to the US this time around.

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