Will the 911 Targa Turbo Lovechild be Born in Geneva?

Only way to improve a 911 Turbo or 911 Targa is to mate them into one phenomenal model.

Entering a Porsche dealership, buyers are faced with adifficult dilemma: go for the cool-factor design of the 911 Targa - with itsawesomest-in-the-world retractable roof that can make the sun shine on thedarkest of days - or opt for the performance-oriented, mind blowing speed of the911 Turbo S, with its 560 horsepower and 2.9-second zero-to-sixty times. But whatif these buyers didn't have to choose?

According to highly-substantiated rumors, Porsche isplanning to unveil a mind-blowing 911 Targa Turbo at the Geneva Motor Show nextweek. This model would combine the glass roof and robotic motor of the Targaand the 520hp engine of the Turbo or 560hp of the Turbo S. It would alsoeliminate the fire-hazard temptation of the 911 GT3, which is still underrecall by the company. With no official confirmation as of writing, we’ll have towait for next week for final word.

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