Will The Apple Car Look Like The Aston Martin One-77?

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Probably not, but it will definitely have influence from the British automaker.

Silicon Valley somehow thinks that knowhow in the field of computers will translate to success in the auto industry despite doubts from veteran auto executives. Thing is, given that many cars nowadays are rolling computers, they may just be right. Obviously the computer portion of the car is the easiest part for tech companies to make, although fierce competition has led Apple, Tesla, and Google to poach the best software engineers in the realm of autonomous software from one another by flexing their billionaire budgets.

Thing is, there is a lot more to a car than computer chips, and until now, Silicon Valley companies with Detroit glory day dreams haven't seemed to get it. It has taken some time but tech companies have begun to look towards ex-automakers to step in and give guidance on how the veterans do things. Previously, Tesla had hired Chris Porritt to be its Vice President of Vehicle Engineering. Porritt has some knowhow in the industry because he used to be none other than the chief engineer at Aston Martin. Now, Porritt has left Tesla and been snagged by Apple to work on its "Project Titan," Apple car project. This would be a huge gain for Apple because Porritt has worked on some of Aston Martin and Tesla's biggest projects.

Some of these include the One-77, DB9, V12 Zagato, Model X, Model S, and Model 3. Almost all of these cars have been ones that stir the pot and changed the game for other manufacturers, so its only fitting that Apple has recruited Porritt to presumably do the same for them. We must say, with all of the brains and brawny budgets possessed by tech companies, one would think that Apple and Google would have their own cars out by now. Tesla has been the only Silicon Valley company with an offering (albeit a game changing one) and even they struggle with delays. The automotive industry moves fast, so Apple and Google need to speed up the process if they want to be taken seriously.

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