Will the BMW M4 Have a Manual?

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Despite recent rumors claiming otherwise, the upcoming M4 will have a manual option - but not for everyone.

There's currently a rumor making the rounds on something we call the internet claiming the upcoming BMW M4 (and the new M3 sedan) won't offer a manual transmission option. At first thought, this does make sense considering that German automakers really prefer dual-clutch gearboxes to help achieve maximum performance and better fuel ratings. Case in point: the new Porsche 911 GT3. But despite those rumors, BimmerFile is stating that there will in fact be a six-speed manual option for the M4 in certain markets.

Now, the US-spec M5 does offer a manual option while the Euro version doesn't. With that formula in mind, there's a very good chance BMW will give its US M4/M3 buyers the opportunity to row their own gears at no extra charge. Why exactly? There are still more American manual purists out there than European ones, according to the automaker's data. BMW hasn't clarified a thing as yet, but the fact remains the M4 won't exclusively have a dual-clutch. Good for you BMW, good for you.

Source Credits: bimmerfile.com

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