Will the Dodge Charger Receive the Hellcat Engine?

600+ horsepower would make it America’s most powerful sedan.

Now that the dust has settled after the introduction of the 600-plus horsepower Hellcat engine (final figures still pending) powering the 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT, it’s time to speculate where else this engine might be headed. Based on previous announcements by Fiat-Chrysler, it seems that a likely recipient of the most powerful V8 engine in Chrysler’s history may be the Charger sedan. Given this engine, the Charger would easily become the most powerful sedan produced in America.

According to Automotive News, "the supercharged Hellcat is expected to migrate to other SRT vehicles, including the Charger SRT." This assumption was also mirrored in the recent Fiat-Chrysler five-year plan for Dodge, where a rear-wheel drive Charger SRT powered by a V8 engine is clearly indicated. With this engine, the Charger would easily crush all existing competition from American four-doors, bringing the muscle sedan back with a growling bang.

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