Will the Durango be Dropped for a New Grand Wagoneer?

The Dodge Durango may be on life support.

There have been rumors swirling around for some time regarding the possibility of Jeep reviving the Grand Wagoneer nameplate for a new SUV even larger than the Grand Cherokee. After the disappointing Jeep Commander, the automaker has been somewhat reluctant to reenter the three-row SUV segment, but it appears that a reborn Grand Wagoneer is due to arrive sometime in 2016. There could end up being a small problem here.

The only other three-row SUV (read: not a crossover) in the Chrysler portfolio at the moment is the Dodge Durango, which has been facelifted for 2014. It continues to offer buyers a choice between V6 or V8 engines and plenty of cargo space and towing capacity. Although it shares many chassis components with the Grand Cherokee, the Durango is meant to appeal to a slightly different market segment, the very one the new Grand Wagoneer is set to target. So would it make any sense for Chrysler to essentially compete against itself? Not really, and company executives are more than aware of this fact. But the question remains: is the Dodge Durango on borrowed time?

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