Will The Ferrari LaFerrari Ever Depreciate?

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$4.7 million is a steep price to pay.

Extremely rare supercars appreciate in value, that much makes sense. But the latest breed of hypercars have drastically increased in value in an alarmingly short period of time with no end in sight. Another dealership has gotten its hand on the incredible Ferrari LaFerrari and is selling the hypercar for an insane amount-$4.7 million. That's one of the highest prices we've ever seen of the hypercar and makes us ask if prices will ever stoop to a realistic amount. Then again, automakers may never make a car like this again.

Fort Lauderdale Collection South

Fort Lauderdale Collection South in Florida is offering this Rosso Corsa LaFerrari with only 388 miles on the clock to one extremely wealthy individual. While the majority of individuals wouldn't be able to muster spending $1.4 million on the hypercar when it was brand new, even more people will struggle to find a way to get the funds to purchase this used model. At roughly 3.3 times the original price, a used LaFerrari isn't the best investment, unless prices for the hypercar continue to appreciate.

Fort Lauderdale Collection South

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