Will The Microbus Concept Ever Go Into Production? VW Thinks So

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Please make the Microbus Concept go into production, VW. You know you want to.

You may remember the Volkswagen Buzz I.D. Concept from this year's Detroit Auto Show, an electric, autonomous machine bearing more than a passing resemblance to the Microbus. Problem is, this wasn't the first time VW has got our hopes up about a new Microbus. In fact, it's the fourth Microbus-inspired concept we've seen from VW, yet none of them ever went into production. Consequently, it was hard to get too excited about this new one. Speaking to AutoExpress, VW seems confident that this one will actually make it to production.

However, it still needs to assess the viability of a US launch. "I think this is the most realistic shot ever at a Microbus coming," said VW board member Jurgen Stackmann. "We have to see in the next weeks how big a potential market in the US for us could be. It's basically recreating a known market. I don't think the market for conventional MPVs is big enough, but this actually combines functionality, space, command seating position with something which is unique." US reaction to the Buzz I.D. Concept will be critical in determining if it will go into mass production. "There's no other market globally where microbus has the emotional pull that it has in the US," said Stackmann.

"It's quite amazing and the reaction has been phenomenal." The Buzz is the latest in a new wave of electric I.D. Concepts by VW, as part of the manfuacturer's plans to step up its electric car production to reinvigorate the brand. Compared to the first I.D. Concept hatchback revealed last year in Paris that's due to go on sale in 2020, the size of the Buzz puts it on the extreme end of the spectrum in showing what the technology can do. Three more Concept cars based on the I.D. platform will be shown in the coming months.

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We'd rather VW would skip on them and just build the new Microbus at long last – it's been over 15 years since the first Microbus Concept was shown after all, so it's not like it's long overdue or anything. Are you hoping to see a next-generation VW Microbus go into production?

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