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Will The New Aston Martin Vantage Receive The V12 Treatment?

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A V12 version of the new Vantage is “technically possible,” but that doesn't mean Aston Martin will put it into production.

As much as we love the breathtakingly beautiful all-new Aston Martin Vantage, some enthusiasts were left disappointed that their ears won't be treated to the tremendous sound of a V12 engine, as it is instead only being offered with the Mercedes-AMG sourced V8 that was added to the DB11 this year. Speaking to Autocar, CEO Andy Palmer said that a more powerful V12 version of the new Vantage is "technically possible," but the automaker hasn't yet decided if will enter production.

"The V12 is a question we'll consider, but there has been no decision yet," Palmer told Autocar. Under the DB11's hood lies a twin-turbocharged 5.2-liter V12 developed in-house by Aston Martin that would be easy to transplant into the new Vantage due to its design. "Technically, it is very possible," said Palmer when asked about a V12 variant of the new Vantage. "The engine bay has been designed to replicate that of the DB11, so the pick-up points and so on are all there. The V12 would fit without the need for extensive modifications." However, the CEO also added that the new Vantage was designed to be sportier than the last model by reducing weight.

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Consequently, adding four more cylinders to the front of the car could compromise its sharp handling by adding weight. "We have to consider the character of the new Vantage. This is our rebel, a really sporty car that stands out for its handling. The V12 has many great attributes, but the extra weight would bring some differences in character that we'd need to consider." Despite our niggling doubts, Palmer also affirmed that the new Vantage will be offered with a manual transmission, but this would mean making some significant changes to the current interior. A manual version of the new Vantage will be offered in the next 18 months to two years along with a widely speculated Roadster version.