Will The "New" Fisker Karma Catch On Fire Again?

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We just have to ask.

Despite having half a new name, still called Karma but Fisker has been dropped for Elux, for reasons of habit we'll likely still refer to it as the Fisker Karma now and then. At the moment, the one-time California start-up now Chinese-owned company is planning to re-launch that gorgeous but troubled luxury plug-in hybrid in the coming months. Its quirks have supposedly been worked out. Quirks as in catching on fire, for starters. And that's what we're wondering. Have the Chinese managed to resolve that issue once and for all?

Various other software problems resolved, too? Really though, for a car that will carry a base price nearly 20% more (now nearly $135,000) than before, there shouldn't be any problems. We remain skeptical though, and the soon-to-debut Elux Fisker doesn't exactly inherit the best reputation. What do you think? Any realistic chance this reborn Karma will survive round two?

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