Will The New Mazda MX-5 Get A Turbo Sometime In The Next 10 Years?


A new interview reveals the issue has been on Mazda's mind.

When people think of cars that could use a turbocharger, the list often starts or ends with the Mazda MX-5. After all, what's the harm in making a fun roadster even more powerful? Back in February, there was a hint from Mazda that the new MX-5 could eventually get a turbo. Now Motoring is adding fuel to the hint fire with its recent interview of Nobuhiro Yamamoto, the program manager for the MX-5. The Aussie outlet asked about turbocharging (of course) and Mr. Yamamoto had an interesting answer.

"Since the lifespan was mentioned at 10 years it is kind of long years, so thinking what Kudo-san said was just a possibility of having such a variant given the long lifespan. It depends on how broad the scope is, what kind of timespan we are talking about. Depending on that I think there are many things you could think of." "Kudo-san" is Kudo Hidetoshi, Mazda's head of global PR and the one who dropped the i turbocharging hint back in February. It's important to note both men are talking about adding a turbo at some point in 10 years, not anytime soon. Yamamoto also touched on the fact that a turbocharger adds more weight and introduces engine reliability issues.

Mazda seems comfortable with a naturally aspirated Miata now, but the automaker is keeping turbos on its mind if the need for more power arises. "But if we want more power because we don't get satisfied with natural aspiration then we may think about the turbo."

Source Credits: www.motoring.com.au

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