Will The New Range Rover Velar Be Embraced By Hardcore Fans?

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Or will it bring new people to the brand? Perhaps both.

Range Rover realized that it was missing something, an SUV, specifically. It's not that it didn't already build some of the best SUVs on the planet, but that it needs to ensure it remains competitive against the growing competition. That means a complete lineup, filling every necessary segment, is required. That's where the new Velar fits in. Apparently, as Land Rover explained to us a few months ago at Shanghai, it realized a few years ago that the Range Rover was simply too much vehicle for some, while the Evoque wasn't big enough.

Therefore, it became clear a fourth Range Rover Sport model was required. Question is, will customers respond? We think so, as does Carfection which just had an opportunity to get behind the wheel of the luxurious SUV in Norway.

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What's interesting about the Velar is the fact that it rides on the same platform as the Jaguar F-Pace, so you'd think this could potentially create some internal competition with Jaguar Land Rover. Possibly, but the Velar clearly has a personality of its own, along with a solid choice of engine offerings. While the F-Pace has more a performance attitude, the Velar is all about pure luxury, while still being a capable off-roader (though not Land Rover Defender capable) when needed. Has Range Rover built another winner here? Velar sales are set to begin very soon, and therefore it won't take long to get an answer.

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