Will The New Tesla Roadster Look As Sleek As This Stunning Render?

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The new Tesla Roadster is still a few years away - we can only hope it looks as sleek as this inspired design render.

In the next few years, Tesla will rapidly expand its EV line-up starting with the entry-level Model 3 sedan and the Model Y crossover. Elon Musk is even contemplating a Tesla Minibus. But this shouldn't overshadow the fact that Tesla is also going back to its roots with a revamped Roadster. Little is known about the Tesla Roadster successor, though Musk recently confirmed on Twitter that it's still a few years away and will set a new performance benchmark as the fastest Tesla since the Model S. However, we still have no idea what it will look like.

Enter artist Jan Peisert of Peisert Design, who has produced a stunning concept render showing how the upcoming Tesla Roadster could look. The artist is certainly building up an impressive portfolio of fantasy car renders, having recently shown off road-going Porsche 919 and Mercedes-AMG Project One renders. Peisert's interpretation of the Tesla Roadster uses the Toyota FT-1 as a base and adds Model X-style "electric butterfly doors," giving the Roadster a striking shape compared to the conservative design of the original model. The next-gen Tesla Roadster isn't likely to hit the road until at least 2019 - we can only hope it looks as sleek as this inspired design.

Peisert didn't offer any predictions on the Roadster's performance. The official word is that it will "look a little different, a little faster, and a little bigger" than the previous model, and will reportedly be built on a modified version of the Model 3's platform rather than a Lotus Elise like the original Roadster. Continuing Tesla's references to the sci-fi spoof movie Spaceballs like 'Ludicrous mode', the new Roadster will have a new acceleration mode known as 'Maximum Plaid,' which will make it the fastest Tesla yet.


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