Will The New Volkswagen CC Be The Car To Upstart The BMW 4 Series?

Spy Shots

You gotta admire the ambition, at least.

Though Volkswagen has comfortably distanced itself from its volume roots to the point where many consider it to be a premium brand, VW has had trouble with convincing a sizeable quantity of buyers to part with high-end BMW and Audi money for anything larger or pricier than a Touareg. And it seems Vee-Dub is getting rather miffed with this too, as the latest reports we have indicate the firm from Wolfsburg is targeting the new CC against some seriously well-rounded competition.

According to our source, the Volkswagen CC development cars you see in these new spy shots are being directly cross-referenced with the BMW 4 Series GranCoupe - a car that, bar the country of origin and the 'four-door coupe' bodystyle, is in a completely different league to the current CC (as you'd probably expect, considering the 4 GC is nearly $10,000 more expensive than the VW). Still, it probably goes to show that Volkswagen is aiming to make the new CC - along with the Passat sedan on which it'll be based - a car that you choose because it's a genuinely capable machine, and not just because it does most of the things a pricier compact exec does for less money.

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Plus, the details we can glean from this heavily disguised test car suggests we'll be treated to a striking shape that'll build upon the more striking elements of the otherwise sedate 'B8' Passat sedan that's on sale in Europe. We also wouldn't be surprised if a plug-in hybrid 'GTE' model ends up topping the CC range. Combine those attributes with the B8 Passat's very positive reception on the other side of the pond, and it seems we'll have a genuinely good 'four door coupe' to buy when the order books open in the tail end of 2017.