Will The Next Buick Regal Share Tech With The Ford Focus RS?


And will it make the sports sedan ace to drive?

Considering General Motors sells a pretty quick version of the Insignia sedan (what we're more familiar with as the Buick Regal) overseas, it's a surprise that there's no comparable model that us here in the States have access to. Instead of a 325-hp turbocharged V6, for instance, we're left to make do with a 260-hp turbo-four. Still, as the next breed of Opel/Vauxhall Insignia is due soon, hopefully parity with the Buick model is achieved - and especially, as Autocar predicts, if it has a certain piece of technology on hand.

As reported by the British motoring magazine, an engineering firm is currently tinkering about with a current Vauxhall Insignia VXR by fitting its 'Twinster' system. The name might be a bit unusual, but what the term relates to is a pretty clever torque vectoring system that, according to Autocar, makes the vehicle far more adjustable on the throttle than the regular car with its electronic differential locking devices. Even better still, this Twinster system appears to be incredibly similar (in concept, at least) to the all-wheel drive setup that GKN developed on Ford's behalf for the rather mighty Focus RS hot hatchback - and who wouldn't want something like that in a fast Buick Regal?

Considering GKN also proudly displays a "90% of the world's car manufacturers work with GKN" infographic on its website, it's perhaps too unreasonable to expect this technology to make it into the next generation of Insignia VXR models. And, whilst this might be a little bit more fanciful, it's hopeful that General Motors will bring the upcoming hot Insignia over to the US as the next Buick Regal GS (or, better still, as part of the Regal GNX nameplate revival we really wish Buick will approve at some point). Of course, it's way too early to be hyping the hell out of an upcoming sports sedan, but that doesn't mean this potential GKN involvement with the next fast Insignia isn't something to be intrigued by.


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