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Will The Next Ford Focus ST And RS Look Like This?

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We should find out fairly soon.

Now that the all-new Ford Focus has been revealed, we're in a better position to speculate what the upcoming Focus ST and RS will look like. Both are expected to arrive by 2020, so we're bound to start seeing some pre-production test mules out testing soon (at the Nurburgring, perhaps?). For now, rendering artist X-Tomi Design has cooked up this pair of images of what the new hot hatches could look like. Needless to say, we think the artist is pretty spot-on.

It's really a simple blend of the new generation and the outgoing one, though we expect at least some new design cues here and there. After all, both the Focus ST and RS are proven brand image builders, and we've since learned Ford understands the need to properly invest in them, especially the RS. Speaking of which, the new Focus RS, as we just reported, is slated to be a mild-hybrid, 400 hp Mercedes-AMG A45 killer. Not only will it be lighter than outgoing model, but will also sport an upgraded 2.3-liter EcoBoost turbo four, combined with an integrated starter-generator. A six-speed manual is said to be on offer, as well as a dual-clutch gearbox.

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As for the new Focus ST, it's also expected to receive a horsepower bump from its current 252 ponies. Unlike the RS, it will remain front-wheel drive only, though both will stick with the hatchback body style only. So, when will we see the real deal? We suspect at least one of them will debut by this time next year.