Will the Next-Generation Corvette Be a Hybrid?

Anything is possible these days.

Believe it or not, Chevrolet has already begun initial design and engineering work on the next-generation Corvette, known internally as the C8. Yes, the C7 is still practically brand-new and the Z06 hasn’t even gone on sale yet. But still, it’s not a bad thing for GM to be thinking ahead. In a recent interview with The Detroit Free Press, GM global product chief, Mark Reuss, confirmed work on the C8 is now underway, but it’s still very much in the earliest of design and planning phases.

He obviously didn’t go into many details (probably because there’s not much to discuss yet), but Reuss did say one thing that should catch everyone’s attention: he won’t rule out the C8 being a hybrid or even an EV. Again, no need for alarm bells to go off just yet for anyone who’s a die-hard Corvette V8 purist, but the fact is GM is looking beyond the typical gasoline-engined formula. Considering that Porsche is also very likely at work on a hybrid 911, GM’s exploration of those powertrain possibilities is not surprising. We’ll just have to wait and see what GM comes up with.

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