Will The Next Generation Of The Subaru BRZ Be A Hybrid?

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All signs are pointing towards battery power.

We recently found out that Subaru and Toyota are teaming up to create another sports car. While the first generation of the Subaru BRZ and Scion FR-S (Toyota GT86) were affordable, tail-happy cars aimed at enthusiasts, there's a rumor going around that the next iteration of the sports car could be a hybrid. Subaru president Yasuyuki Yoshinaga has confirmed the collaboration with Toyota for the next generation of the BRZ coupe, which may be a hybrid. Why do we think the lightweight, rear-wheel drive sports car could be going hybrid?

Remember that Yoshinaga said Toyota and Subaru would do a "full model change." While Subaru's president declined to state when the new successor to the BRZ will come out, we know that the automaker is planning to put its first plug-in hybrid into production in 2018 and won't sell the vehicle in Japan. Subaru only plans to offer the plug-in hybrid in markets where it's required by regulations, stated Yoshinaga. He also declined to state which Subaru model would get the hybrid drivetrain, which leaves the door open for the next iteration of the BRZ becoming a hybrid. Would Subaru be making a mistake by turning the next BRZ into a hybrid?

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