Will The NSX Type R Really Be Honda's Supercar Killer?

Latest rumors point to "yes".

Afterconfirming that the NSX's launch will be followed be an even meaner NSXType R, Honda/Acura is slowly offering more details regarding the upcoming higher-performancevariant of its new hybrid supercar. According to Australia'sMotoring, the Type R will gain a significant power increase over the standardNSX, bumping horsepower generation from 550 to more than 600 hp.Furthermore, the NSX Type R is expected to employ significant amounts of carbonfiber, thus enjoying substantial weight reductions.

While the standard car's weight has yet to be confirmed, Motoringreports that the Type R should weigh less than 1550 kg (3400 lbs). The car willalso receive new aerodynamic parts, allowing it to offer increased downforce. Withthe combined increase in power, weight loss and dynamic gains, the Type R isexpected to shoot from 0-62 mph in three seconds flat. With these numbers and some aggressive styling upgrades, the NSX Type R should be able to proudly stand up to competition from some of the world's top supercarmanufacturers.

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