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Will the Porsche Cayman GT4 Finally Take Down the 911?

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This time it appears very likely.

A few days ago we caught our first glimpse of the Porsche Cayman GT4. And it looks fast. Really fast. Already an incredibly solid handler, the mid-engined Cayman has always been deliberately held back, so to speak, by Porsche so that it wouldn’t interfere with the 911’s prestige. The bottom line is that the smaller and far less historical Cayman could outperform the iconic 911. Porsche has so far been careful to avoid doing just that. Until now.

Although we don’t have any official specs, there’s a very good chance the Cayman GT4 will be the 911 killer Porsche said it would never build. So why the sudden change from Stuttgart? Good question, and here’s a possible answer: The current 991 generation 911 is capable of so much - just look at the Turbo and GT3 (when it’s not on fire). Why keep holding the Cayman back when there’s clearly room in the lineup to let it finally doing what it’s long been capable of: outperforming the 911 Carrera. So yes, the Cayman GT4 will likely beat the Carrera and probably even the Carrera S in matchup. The 911 Turbo and GT3, however, will remain untouchable.

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